According to a news story on CNN today, gun sales have surged since Barack Obama was elected president last Tuesday. Supposedly more guns and ammunition are being sold than after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina and during the Y2K scare.

The reason? Because gun owners are stockpiling weapons and ammunition in case Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress pass tougher gun laws, banning certain models and enacting higher taxes on ammunition.

Nevermind that Obama is on the record as saying he supports local governments setting their own gun laws. Gun restriction laws never pass quickly through Congress, so why the rush to buy more guns? Do people think new gun laws will be enacted next week, two months before Obama is even in office? I think the government has more pressing matters to worry about, such as the flagging economy.

I’m curious if this national trend is reflected in La Salle County. If I was still working for The Times, I would pitch that story idea.