A city sign warning of rat poison in Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s neighborhood mysteriously disappeared after it was featured in a Chicago Sun-Times photo of Blagojevich sneaking out into the alley behind his home in an attempt to avoid the media earlier this week. (Read the Sun-Times story and see the photo here: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/blagojevich/1328289,rat-sign-blagojevich-rod-governor-illinois-121208.article. Kudos to John White for shooting the photo.)

Since one of Blagojevich’s people obviously took down the sign to avoid that embarrassment again, may I suggest the governor’s front lawn become home to one of those big inflatable rats that always get trotted out at union protests? Perhaps members of the union that represents the 570 employees who would be affected by the shuttering of Pontiac Correctional Center can take care of that, since it was Blagojevich’s decision to close the prison where they work. If not, I’m sure there are plenty of other people willing to stick it to Blago this way.