Sometimes the cable news network anchors really annoy me.

Such is the case today as several asked how an Iraqi journalist managed to hurl two shoes at President George W. Bush when Bush has tight security.

Hmmm … Perhaps the guy was able to throw his shoes at Bush because security doesn’t take people’s unaltered shoes away from them? Believe it or not, security still allows people to wear shoes in the president’s presence. (Though part of me expects that to change, now.)

Instead of talking about nonexistent security lapses and Bush’s unpopularity in Iraq, how about taking a closer look at why Iraqis found the insulting shoe-throwing incident appropriate? How about a report on how much death and damage Bush’s war caused the Iraqi people and their country?

Once again, good newspapers and wire services are answering those types of questions while television news focuses on more superficial aspects of a story. Yet the reputation of all journalists largely hinges on how TV reporters are viewed. It’s unfair, but true.