“I can’t wait to begin to tell my side of the story and to address you guys and, most importantly, the people of Illinois. That’s who I’m dying to talk to.”

When I heard Blagojevich make that comment to reporters yesterday, my first thought was, You’re the governor, you can talk to the people of Illinois anytime you want.

Of course, I realize Blagojevich was “lawyering up” to avoid incriminating himself further while coming up with a defense against the vast corruption allegations he faces.

Nonetheless, Blagojevich may break his silence tomorrow, the 10th day since his arrest. I can’t wait to hear what excuse he came up with. A hint may have been dropped today by the governor’s lawyer, Ed Genson (who sounds eerily like Joe Lieberman, the independent U.S. senator from Connecticut), who claimed the federal wiretaps that recorded Blagojevich discussing pay-to-play schemes were obtained illegally.

I highly doubt U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and the FBI recorded Blagojevich illegally, but I suppose anything is possible when it comes to technicalities of the law as applied to the rich and powerful. “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” as former President Bill Clinton once said.

In any case, it is clear from the tapes that Blagojevich is in the wrong and deserves to be booted from office. What really ticks me off about him now is his steadfast refusal to resign and stop wasting taxpayer dollars. But obviously Blagojevich suddenly feels compelled to become a workaholic – probably so he can get paid to shred evidence and do some last-minute scheming. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is vigorously working on a plea agreement proposal, something outrageous like he will resign if charges aren’t brought against him. Blagojevich is probably just crazy enough to try something like that.

Today Blagojevich reportedly reviewed the clemency petitions of about 60 convicted felons. It probably is a priority for him to make sure he hands out “get out of jail free” cards to everyone whom he promised them, so nobody crooked comes after him with a pair of brass knuckles – or worse – after he inevitably leaves office.