It is 6 degrees at 6:30 p.m. in Chicago. The temperature may drop to zero by the time the Bears-Packers game begins at Soldier Field an hour from now. Wind chills may bring the “real feel” temperature down even lower to 10-20 degrees below zero. Brrr! I’ll be glad to watch the game on television at home rather than in person at the stadium.

Despite the unbearable cold, you know some drunken, shirtless fool will be shown on TV tonight. I hope he enjoys his hospital stay while getting treatment for hypothermia.

According to WGN-TV, the coldest-ever game at Soldier Field also featured a matchup of the Bears and Packers, on Dec. 18, 1983. The game-time temperature was near 5 degrees. The Bears won that game 23-21.

UPDATE: The temperature at kickoff tonight was 2 degrees, according to WFLD-TV meteorologist Amy Freeze, who reported it on the Soldier Field Jumbotron.