Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is in the news again (though I’m not sure she ever really went away), this time because she apparently has embarked on a media-bashing tour.

The queen of taking no blame for her own shortcomings thinks the media unfairly criticized her and generally made her look bad during the presidential election. Never mind that Palin doesn’t need help to make herself look bad.

More than enough time has been spent by others discussing Palin’s latest comments, so I will keep this post brief and to the point. What I want to know is this: If Palin hates the media so much, why does she keep talking to the media? It seems ironic that she keeps talking to the people she believes are intentionally making her look bad.

Palin clearly is addicted to the spotlight. Maybe a doctor can prescribe some medication to help ween her off it – and quickly before the whole nation needs painkillers to dull the collective headache her whining is causing.