The Chicago Tribune reports Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will announce Thursday that he will soon reopen seven state parks closed by his predecessor, Rod Blagojevich, late last year.

The seven shuttered parks are Illini State Park in Marseilles, Castle Rock and Lowden state parks in Oregon, Moraine View State Park in Leroy, Weldon Springs State Park in Clinton, Wolf Creek State Park in Windsor and Hidden Springs State Forest in Strasburg. Quinn also is expected to say he is working on reopening the 12 state historic sites Blagojevich closed.

Blagojevich closed the parks and historic sites as a cost-cutting measure while continuing to waste taxpayer dollars flying from Chicago to Springfield and back every time he decided to actually do business in the state capital. Quinn previously said he thinks closing the parks cost the state tourism revenue instead of save money.

Another point not to be missed is the state parks, which do not charge an admission fee, are a cheap alternative for family fun during these trying economic times.

I’m glad to see Quinn will keep his word by reopening the parks as promised — something we aren’t used to from an Illinois governor in recent years.