Following up to yesterday’s post about FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly’s remark that “the Bush administration defeated Al Qaeda,” I direct your attention to these paragraphs from today’s Chicago Tribune:

Al Qaeda has expanded its presence in Afghanistan, taking advantage of the sinking security situation to resurface where it was forced to flee seven years ago, the nation’s top military intelligence official testified Tuesday.

Lt. Gen. Michael Maples, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, described Al Qaeda’s efforts as part of developments behind the Obama administration’s decision to order additional troops to the region.

Afghanistan is no longer the haven for Al Qaeda that it was leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks. But in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Maples said, “I believe Al Qaeda’s presence in Afghanistan is more significant, although still at a relatively minor scale, than we have seen in the past.”

I tend not to blog about comments made by TV talking heads with obvious political agendas, but O’Reilly’s assertion that the Bush administration defeated Al Qaeda was so offbase I couldn’t ignore it. But now that I’ve made my point, I shall resume my policy of generally ignoring O’Reilly and his ilk.