If you’re searching for one of those oh-so-tasteful Chia Obama products, don’t bother looking at your local Walgreens store.  After a week selling the Chia Obama in test markets Chicago and Tampa, Walgreens “decided to pull the product because it didn’t fit with our corporate image,” according to a company statement.

What? Plant life growing out of a clay version of the president’s head doesn’t fit with the corporate image of Walgreens? Glad they cleared that up.

Sure Chia Obama is schlocky, but there are a lot of schlocky Obama memorabilia items on the market. Most of it is junk I would never consider purchasing — and I am a casual collector of political memorabilia (especially campaign buttons and bumper stickers).

Walgreens thinks people may find the product offensive because owners of the presidential planter essentially grow a Chia Afro on Chia Obama’s head. I think the real problem is so many crappy products are being sold with Obama’s name or likeness attached to them just to make a few quick bucks. Shouldn’t Obama be able to put a stop to this? Or does he think the sale of these items helps the economy?

Maybe he believes the line from the Chia Obama commercial that says, “Your Chia Obama is a symbol of liberty, opportunity, prosperity and hope.”

Nah, he probably doesn’t. But the Chia Pet company should send the president one of the busts anyway. Can you visualize a Chia Obama growing on the desk in the Oval Office?