Spencer Pratt rarely says anything worthwhile on “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here,” but tonight he did when he said Patti Blagojevich needs to talk more on the reality TV show. The former Illinois first lady should follow the Pratt brat’s suggestion — and she did tonight — so those of us who write about her adventures in the Costa Rican jungle have more material to work with.

Tonight’s show began with more drama from Speidi — that’s how some people collectively refer to Spencer and Heidi Pratt, but I prefer my nickname for them, the Pratt brats — followed by comedian Frances Callier leaving the show, followed by more Speidi drama. (Fortunately for viewers, the Pratts seemingly left the show for good tonight. Unfortunately, Heidi’s sister Holly Montag, who appears on the Pratts’ MTV reality show “The Hills,” joined the “I’m A Celebrity” cast and will debut in Wednesday’s two-hour episode.)

Then it was time for a segment devoted to Patti Blagojevich, who, among other things, said, “My husband is a great man.” I’m curious if that’s what made Heidi Pratt sick. I know I wanted to vomit.

Patti also said “that a lot of times there are certain things I want to say, and a lot of times I’ll just bite my tongue and not say anything.”

Most of the Blagojevich segment took place as Patti talked to actor Daniel Baldwin while the two sat on a log.

“This is like a piece of cake compared to the nightmare I’ve been living through the last six months,” Blagojevich said.

“I just hope the truth comes out, you know?” she said. “You have your day in court, your six months in court, but the hard part is, what do you do before that? Lost everything … I’m fighting to keep our house and keep our kids in the school they’re in … You know, it’s just hard.”

Patti also said she drives a 21-year-old car, which I find hard to believe since both Rod and Patti had six-figure salaries before they both lost their jobs in the wake of Rod’s arrest on federal corruption charges. She also whined about Rod’s gubernatorial successor, Pat Quinn, revoking her husband’s security three minutes after the Illinois Senate voted 59-0 to remove Rod from office. Of course, the Blagojeviches knew the ouster was coming and had plenty of time to prepare alternate security if that was such a pressing concern. Also, Patti neglected to mention how Rod hopped on a state-owned airplane to hurry home from Springfield to Chicago before his impeachment trial ended so he could waste taxpayer dollars in one last grandiose gesture.

Patti did say how much she is enjoying the “I’m A Celebrity” experience: “As much as I’m missing home, as much as I miss my kids, it has been a distraction from the last six months, and I’m grateful for that.”

Patti punctuated that point by saying her fellow castmates have made her laugh the most she laughed in six to eight months.

Meanwhile, those of us back here in Illinois continue to grimace at the seemingly endless string of ridiculousness the Blagojeviches inflict on our otherwise fine state’s reputation (politics notwithstanding). Please, citizens of the rest of the United States, don’t judge Illinois by its Blagojeviches!