Sometimes I wonder what’s more shameless, celebrities who participate in reality TV shows or the shows themselves.

Case in point: Wednesday’s edition of “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” Many of the episode’s teasers (at the beginning of the show and before commercial breaks) were similar to this one: “Coming up: Torrie’s homesick, and later, camp questions Patti and John’s relationship.”

The latter part of that teaser referred to a short segment wherein some of the quasi-celebrities commented on the oddness of a pro basketball player (John Salley) and a pro politician’s wife (Patti Blagojevich) being camp BFFs. Contrary to the insinuation of the teaser, nobody seemed to think John and Patti were making out or anything along those lines. The comments were more like what Stephen Baldwin said when he called Patti a battle-tested politician’s wife.

“She has a plan. She’s plotting,” Baldwin said.

Obviously the show’s producers tried to stir up trouble in the minds of viewers (and perhaps Patti’s husband, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich). There is little reason to believe Patti Blagojevich is going to cheat on her husband in the Costa Rican jungle.

However, Patti obviously is fond of Salley, whose ear she often bends when she needs to talk. And when the celebrities were asked use charcoal to draw jungle portraits, she drew a picture of the two of them sitting in the river as they did the last time she launched into a woe-as-me monologue.

Also in Wednesday’s episode, Patti teamed up with Janice Dickinson to lose to Salley and Baldwin in the day’s food trial. The teammates were tied together to be like eight-legged spiders as they crawled up rope webs to grab 10 flags. Both teams grabbed all 10 flags, but the men did it faster, so they won the trial and got to eat Chinese food instead of rice and beans.

One other Patti note from Wednesday’s show: The two celebrities with the least number of votes (besides Salley and Lou Diamond Phillips, who are immune to this week’s vote) will be ousted from the jungle Thursday. The show’s co-hosts revealed Patti is not one of the bottom two vote-getters and Dickinson is not among the top two vote-getters.