Patti Blagojevich didn’t do much in Tuesday’s episode of “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here,” other than make her acting debut (unless you count her participation in the reality TV show as acting).

The quasi-celebrities were given a handheld camcorder to use for a day, and Stephen Baldwin came up with the idea to make a low-budget slasher film. Baldwin suggested Lou Diamond Phillips direct the flick, and the “La Bamba” star didn’t disappoint. He employed the usual horror-film cliches to create a short, entertaining film that ended with Blagojevich getting “killed” by a masked murderer.

Other than that, Blagojevich participated in the immunity trial “Up In Arms,” wherein the contestants had to use one hand to hold up a bucket of slime. Phillips won the trial, which earned him immunity from the public vote until the final week of the show.

Two contestants will be voted out of the jungle Thursday. At the end of Tuesday’s show, camp leader John Salley got to pick somebody to be immune to the public vote this week. At first I thought he would choose his camp BFF Patti, but he picked himself.

“The longer I last, the more I want to win,” Blagojevich said early in the episode.