And then there were five.

After Monday’s two-hour episode of “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” — and with only two episodes left — only Patti Blagojevich, Sanjaya Malakar, Lou Diamond Phillips, John Salley and Torrie Wilson remain in the Costa Rican jungle. The phone lines currently are open for people to vote which celebrities they want to see stay for the final episode Wednesday. Two of them will be booted from the jungle by the end of Tuesday’s show.

At the end of Monday’s episode, the quasi-celebrities made brief, live comments stating why they think viewers should vote in favor of them. Here’s Patti Blagojevich’s statement: “So, in the last 22 days, I’ve nearly drowned in a river, I’ve been bitten by a tick, I’ve eaten a tarantula, I’ve had Janice (Dickinson) strapped to my back, but most importantly, I’ve earned the respect of my camp mates, which is why I think I should be ‘queen of the jungle.'”

A few minutes earlier in the show, Phillips reflected on Blagojevich’s apparent popularity.

“Patti Blagojevich seems to have a following, and that could be a dangerous thing,” Phillips said.

Blagojevich certainly has been cast as POP (Poor Oppressed Patti), and she plays up that role every time she makes a comment like this one from Monday’s episode: “This experience has been a step away from the problems we’ve been having the last six or seven months, but this could’ve been just what I needed at this time and really gotten me stronger for the fight ahead.”

Judging by some of the “Celebrity” feedback I’ve gotten via Twitter, the POP role is working for Blagojevich. One fellow who follows my “I’m A Celebrity” tweets recently noted that if Blagojevich wins thanks to viewers not voting her off the show, the message is sent that we don’t care about celebrities. His point is well taken, though I must add that our society’s infatuation with celebrities (and even quasi-celebrities) is exactly why shows like this exist — and are watched in large numbers — in the first place.

There isn’t much else to report about POP from Monday’s episode other than her loss of 10 pounds during 21 days in the jungle and her immediate withdrawal from the day’s food trial, which involved sticking one’s head in a plastic box filled with jungle critters.

* * *

Back in reality (as opposed to reality TV), Christopher Kelly was sentenced Monday to 37 months in prison on federal tax fraud charges. Kelly, a former adviser and chief fundraiser for former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, pleaded guilty to the charges in January.

In addition to being indicted in the Blagojevich corruption case, Kelly also still faces charges that he was involved in “a kickback scheme to rip off United and American Airlines at O’Hare International Airport through a roofing company he owned,” according to the Chicago Tribune‘s Jeff Coen. There is no indication Kelly is cooperating with prosecutors to testify against Blagojevich.

Since Kelly is such a good pal of Blagojevich — so good a pal he won’t squeal on him to save his own hide — perhaps the prison can provide him with a few bars of Blago soap to use behind bars. I wish I had a photo of the Blago soap I recently saw for sale at The Alley, but alas, you’ll have to visualize for yourself the bars of soap that have the former governor’s likeness on one side and one of several “Blago phrases” on the other side. When I saw the soap, I wondered who would rub Rod’s likeness on their naked body, but now I think I have my answer. Christopher Kelly would.