Former Illinois first lady Patti Blagojevich and “American Idol” reject Sanjaya “Jungle Boy” Malakar were voted off “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here” Tuesday, though they both will make a return appearance for a cast reunion during Wednesday’s season finale.

Before departing, Blagojevich recalled her two favorite “Celebrity” moments — the time she got swept away by a river current and was able to save herself, and the time she called home.

Interestingly, on the night she got booted from the jungle, Blagojevich endured her toughest food trial. She and the other four quasi-celebrities were locked into harnesses so they could crawl across ropes to grab flags dozens of feet above ground. At one point during the trial, Blagojevich slipped and hung upside down, then dropped two flags before completing the trial in four minutes and 44 seconds — or as she called it, “the longest five minutes of my life.”

Blagojevich will take home an award, too — the “I’m A Celebrity Now Award.” ‘Tis true. The celebrities made up awards for each other while sitting around the campfire.

Blagojevich said being on the show “was unlike anything I experienced before.” She also said “the most important thing I would take away from this experience is a sense of hopefulness about the future.”

She may be hopeful about the future, but I think there may be a different lesson for her to learn from the experience. She tried to win, but in the end, she didn’t make the final cut. And when the Blagojeviches have their day in court, they will try to win, but in the end, they probably won’t.

But I guess the end of that story hasn’t been written yet, has it?