I’m officially sick and tired of Rod Blagojevich.

Like a good, dedicated blogger, I’ll continue to write about the former Illinois governor because that’s my job. (It’s an unpaid job, but I consider keeping my readers up-to-date about Blagojevich’s latest shenanigans an implicit agreement I promised you.) But let’s be clear: Rod Blagojevich is a corrupt, hypocritical, lying, narcissistic, self-important, self-serving, state-screwing, failed politician who doesn’t know when to shut up.

Blagojevich was back on WLS 890 AM for two hours Sunday afternoon (and will be again next Sunday from noon to 2 p.m.) as a fill-in host, and this time I think he went too far in criticizing his former political colleagues. It’s not that Illinois politicians don’t deserve criticism — plenty of them do. But Blagojevich calling them out on the carpet is like the pot calling the kettle black — especially when he is criticizing them about how they’re handling the financial mess he helped make as bad as it is.

Here is the gist of Sunday’s Blago show, as reported by ABC7 News (WLS-TV):

Blagojevich spent a couple of hours moderating a call-in show on WLS Radio. He said self-righteous and hypocritical politicians unlawfully removed him from office. He also called the governor and the leaders of the House and the Senate an “unholy Trinity,” and he was especially critical of Governor Quinn.

“I was hijacked from office. My successor, who broke his promise to the people and proposed a 50 percent income tax increase, just brought us 45,000 video poker machines,” said Blagojevich. “In less than six months, Pat Quinn has really stuck it to the average working person.”

“I watch what some of these phony politicians are doing to you, politicians who never were elected by you,” Blagojevich also said. “Our governor Pat Quinn never got a single vote to be governor. Mike Madigan, the speaker of the House, never got a single vote statewide from the people to make the decisions he’s making, and our new Senate President, John Cullerton, never received the votes of the people across Illinois.”

Blagojevich challenged Quinn to a debate and he said a change in his defense team would be announced in the coming week.

Here’s how Blagojevich threw down the debate gauntlet: “C’mon, Pat Quinn, you’re now the governor of Illinois, come on over here and spend at least an hour with me and you and I can discuss what you just did to the people of Illinois.”

After all that he did to this state’s reputation and financial standing, how dare Blagojevich take shots at Quinn?

As for the state’s budget woes, Blagojevich said if he was still in charge, he would reduce administrative costs, privatize the Illinois Lottery and close corporate tax loopholes, but not raise taxes. Of course, he made it sound like those things are easy to do. If that was the case, why didn’t he ever fix the state’s finances? Again, Blagojevich is a hypocrite.

Sadly, there are more than a few people who think the hypocrite is now an empowered voice of the people. Unfortunately, WLS Radio management appears to be among them.