It’s time for another edition of “Thursdays with Chia Obama!” You may recall from last week’s installment that our second shot at Chia-growing has been more successful than our first. It’s been so successful that Chia Obama’s hair is really long and out of control now!

* * *

Just a week after Chia Obama sported a well-groomed head of hair, his Chia growth has become long and unruly. Sometimes when this sort of thing happens to people, they are beside themselves trying to figure out what to do about it.

Chia Obama is no different. Except in his case, being beside himself is more literal:

Obama beside himself

Chia Obama now has a second companion, a President Obama bobblehead I got for free at a Quad Cities River Bandits game earlier this season. Two heads are better than one when it comes to solving problems, right? In this case, the heads just happen to be of the Chia and bobble varieties.

* * *

Longtime “Thursdays with Chia Obama” readers may recall that Chia Obama’s other companion is a Hoya plant my wife inherited from her great-grandmother. In the three years we’ve had the Hoya in our home, the plant bloomed only once before this summer. But in the past two months — with Chia Obama at its side — the Hoya has bloomed four times.

I don’t know why the Hoya is blooming so much this summer, but I suspect it may have to do with the cooler-than-normal temperatures here this season. But one wonders if it also has to do with having a companion by its side. After all, don’t we all bloom a bit more when we have a loved one to share life with?

* * *

So what will happen with Chia Obama’s long hair? Nothing’s decided yet! Check back here at The Bread Line next Thursday to find out in the sixth installment of “Thursdays with Chia Obama”!