My apologies to those who visited The Bread Line earlier today looking for the latest edition of “Thursdays with Chia Obama” — an unexpected, last-minute opportunity kept me occupied for a few hours during the late afternoon/early evening. Regardless, here it is — the sixth installment of “Thursdays with Chia Obama!”

* * *

Soon after last week’s edition of “Thursdays with Chia Obama,” it became apparent that the end was near (for a second time) for Chia Obama. His elongated “hair” was unruly and dying. When I noticed on Monday that Chia Obama now had a spot of moss growing on his head, the time had arrived to scrape his head clean again. And for the time being, that’s how he will stay.

I thought about replanting Chia Obama’s scalp the next day, which happened to be President Obama’s birthday, so it could have fittingly been Chia Obama’s rebirthday. But ultimately I decided to hold off since Chia Obama came with only a few plantings’ worth of seeds, and I want to save some Chia fun for later.

So we said our goodbyes to Chia Obama. Not that Chia Obama is going anywhere, per se, but his second act in life — as a solemn, bald clay figure — has begun.

This turn of events reminds me that sometimes we seek to reinvent ourselves, and sometimes we are forced to do so. Either way, we have to make the most of our next act in life, whether it involves working a new job, having children, carrying on after the loss of a loved one, or another thing that falls somewhere between those on the scale of earth-shifting seriousness.

Some of those things require more time than others in order to move comfortably to that next phase in life. But eventually you must move on, otherwise you will stagnate into permanent unhappiness.

Who thought one could learn such lessons from a Chia Obama?

* * *

This is the end of “Thursdays with Chia Obama,” at least for now. My writing experiment is over, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be revived someday. As long as there are more Chia seeds to be planted, there is the possibility for more Thursdays with Chia Obama.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series.