The Boston Globe‘s Web site currently features a nice story about a Needham, Mass., woman, Freyda Siegel, who recently turned 100. (Her best quote: “I think this has been a good century for me.”) The article includes a sidebar listing Siegel’s 18 tips for living a long life well:

Live in the present, not the past.
Enjoy personal relationships.
Respect every individual regardless of age, status, education, ability, or political affiliation.
Stimulate your mind (reading, games, politics, sports).
Help other people.
Eat well.
Splurge once in a while.
Exercise and get fresh air.
Avoid perfectionism.
Find the positive in situations.
Don’t waste energy on things you can’t change.
Avoid bearing grudges.
Kvetch not.
Be a good listener.
Beware of giving unsolicited advice.
Think creatively.
Remain curious.
Have fun!

I think it’s safe to assume there aren’t any centenarians reading my blog, but I’ll still pose this question to you youngsters who do: Are there any tips you would add to Siegel’s list?

I’ll start the Bread Line additions with this: Professionally, do something you enjoy.