If you’re a regular reader of The Bread Line, you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted often during the past two weeks. I appreciate your patience as I’ve been quite busy lately doing my part to help mold the future of journalism in Ottawa, Ill.

Thursday we’re launching the online version of Ottawa Delivered, a hyperlocal Web site that does more than report the news in traditional story form. The Web site will incorporate various elements of new media, including audio, video, blogs and social networking — something no other local media outlet offers. There also will be a weekly newspaper featuring longer magazine-style articles and some smaller stories from the Web site.

I’m the senior staff reporter/content generator and am covering politics (and occasionally other stories) for Ottawa Delivered. In addition to reporting, my duties include writing a political column for the newspaper and a political blog for the Web site. If you enjoy reading my political writings here at The Bread Line, I think you’ll enjoy reading what I write for Ottawa Delivered, too — especially if you live in the Ottawa area. Please check it out and let me know what you think about the Web site, both good and bad. This project in journalism is about delivering the news to readers the way they want it in the 21st century — and feedback is the best way for us to know whether we’re getting it right.