From the Chicago Tribune:

Dan Sinker, a journalism teacher at Columbia College, says he was behind the fictitious Twitter account “@MayorEmanuel,” the foul-mouthed doppelganger to the real candidate and mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel.

The Atlantic released the story today, and Sinker confirmed it on his blog and through a Twitter message exchange with the Chicago Tribune.

Sinker’s tweeting as a satirical version of Emanuel was epic.  You can read the tweets, in chronologically backward order, here.

You can read the Atlantic story here. It’s a good read, despite the author’s obvious opinion that Sinker is some kind of modern-day demigod. Don’t get me wrong — I followed @MayorEmanuel and enjoyed his tweets — but the only thing missing from the Atlantic article is the sound of trumpets blowing when you click on the story link.

Sinker probably will be on all the Chicago newscasts tonight, but his first full broadcast interview reportedly will be on WBEZ’s “Eight Forty-Eight” show tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope Sinker takes the advice of the Chicago Reader, which tweeted, “Hopefully @dansinker will get to work on a fake Charlie Sheen Twitterfeed.”