The war of spin between Democrats and Republicans is getting ridiculous.

Opposing political parties have always argued and tried to take credit for everything good that happened in the country, even if another party was primarily responsible for the good things. But, once upon a time,┬áthose opposing parties put aside their differences to celebrate our country’s biggest victories.

There isn’t even a shadow of that behavior left now. Personally, I believe the new health-care reform law is not perfect but is a move in the right direction for our country — but I understand the opposition to it, even though I don’t agree.

But here’s what I don’t get: today we learned our economy added 162,000 jobs last month (including 48,000 temporary census workers) — the best job growth this country has experienced since the recession began three years ago. This sounds like cause for celebration for everyone, right? Apparently not to Republicans, who are dismissing the good news and criticizing President Obama for allegedly not doing enough to make the job growth even better.

This behavior by Republicans disgusts me. When it comes to recovery from the recession, we certainly aren’t out of the woods yet — surely much more work needs to be done to dig us out of the economic hole we’re in — but shouldn’t all Americans rally behind the fact that we’re finally seeing signs of the worst being over?

Sometimes I wonder how the purveyors of lightning-rod partisan politics sleep at night. For the good of this country, this ongoing political pissing match has to stop.