One of the blogs I keep tabs on is Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn’s “Change of Subject.” Sometimes I agree with Zorn’s opinions and sometimes I don’t, but I always respect them, and that’s really all any decent columnist asks of his or her readers.

Anyway, “Change of Subject” is a Web-first column of opinions, observations and news bits, with its weekly contents distilled into a print column published in the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune. This past week, Zorn briefly touched on the topic of capital punishment in Illinois, noting that Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently wrote a letter to Gov. Pat Quinn urging him not to sign a bill that would abolish the death penalty here.

While Zorn and I basically are on the same side of the subject — he believes the death penalty should be abolished and I agree because there have been so many wrongful convictions resulting in death penalties being doled out in Illinois — I disagree with Zorn’s comment that many of Madigan’s Democratic and liberal supporters were surprised by the attorney general’s letter. After all, anyone who has a basic understanding of the cogs of our court system should not be surprised that an attorney general would be in favor of keeping in place something that is intended to be a deterrent to crime.