The fitness center shootings near Pittsburgh last night provide a timely occasion to talk about American gun control laws. Today the topic was waylaid by news of the two American journalists released from imprisonment in North Korea, but hopefully in the coming days there will be some serious discussion of the subject that amounts to more than the usual political posturing that happens on both sides of the issue. (I know I’m asking for a lot more than we’re likely to get.)

Meanwhile, I want to share a quote from Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who said it while talking about the tragic shootings on MSNBC earlier today:

“Why does Europe have about 1/100th of the homicide firearms (that) an equivalent population here has? Because there are not guns as readily available. And there are not killing machines like .9mm Glock semi-automatics being bought by people who have deep-seeded problems.

“I mean, look, we have to have commonsense gun laws. It wouldn’t have stopped it here, but what about a law that says you can purchase only one handgun a month? Now if you’re a legitimate gun owner and you want a gun to protect your family, you can buy 12 a year. But what that law does is it stops the trafficker who buys 20 .9mm guns in one trip to the gun store and then sells them at midnight on the streets of the city and makes two, three times the cost of purchasing them.”

Makes sense to me.

I’d like to know what you think about this topic, no matter your position, as long as you keep your posts civil.