From The Associated Press:

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle’s proposed state budget includes another option for choosing a vehicle license plate.

There’s a provision creating a special Milwaukee Brewers license plate. The revenue from the additional fee on the plate would be used to retire the Miller Park stadium debt.

A small percentage of the revenue would go to Major League Baseball, which holds the licensing rights to team logos.

There’s a special Green Bay Packers plate, but it’s the first time for a Brewers license. The team says one design option will have the team’s current “M” logo. The other will feature the ball-in-glove logo.

Illinois should do something like that to help pay down its debt. Offer vehicle owners the opportunity to purchase special Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox license plates. I’ll even offer this promotional tagline for free: “What’s your allegiance? State it on your plate!”

While they’re at it, lawmakers can approve special license plates featuring other Illinois sports teams like the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks.

The amount of revenue raised this way would be miniscule compared to what the state owes in unpaid bills, but every cent counts when you’re desperate for money.