Tonight, for the first time since falling in a river and eating a tarantula in the premiere episode, Patti Blagojevich did something noteworthy on “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!”

Yes, Mrs. Blago had to crawl through mud during today’s food trial (more on that shortly), but I’m referring to the former Illinois first lady’s comparison of Janice Dickinson (easily the most annoying person left on the show after the Pratt brats exited) to husband Rod Blagojevich’s former gubernatorial foe, Judy Baar Topinka.

“My husband had a campaign where he was running against this woman who was a little bit like her,” Patti told fellow reality TV contestant John Salley. “And he thought of her as like a crazy old aunt. That he had to kind of like suffer and just kind of like roll your eyes at. Like she’s the kooky old aunt that, you know, you have to be respectful to her because she’s your old aunt. So he had to deal with this woman like that. You know, you just kind of like roll your eyes at it.”

“Keep it moving,” Salley interjected.

“Yeah,” Patti said. “Crazy old Aunt Janice.”

No, Patti didn’t refer to Topinka by name, but those of us who follow Illinois politics know who she meant. (Side note: Chicago Sun-Times TV columnist Paige Wiser also blogged about this topic tonight, but she quotes Patti differently than I did. I’m wondering if she got her Patti quote from an official transcript, because I used my DVR to go back and write down exactly what Patti said on the show.)

Anyway, Patti participated in today’s food trial, teaming up with former pro wrestler Torrie Wilson against Salley and actor Daniel Baldwin, who joined his younger brother Stephen on the show Wednesday. (Earlier in the day, Patti and Daniel teamed up to wash dishes in the river.) The food trial was a tag-team swamp race called “On Your Knees” — and for the fourth consecutive day, the men bested the women to win a better meal.

While watching today’s food trial, I wondered how many times the spouses of mud-slinging politicians actually, literally crawl through mud. I also wondered why — EARWORM ALERT — NBC didn’t secure the rights to Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” for this show. Imagine, as PattiĀ and the others trudge through mud on all fours, you hear Axl Rose (or a reasonable facsimile) sing “In the jungle/Welcome to the jungle/Watch it bring you to your knees, knees.”

Finally, Patti made one more noteworthy move during the show. During the program’s final, live minutes (when it was revealed that the Angela half of the Frangela comedy duo was voted out of the jungle), Patti tugged on her ear several times, probably as a way to say hello to her children.

Now I’m going to enjoy three days without watching “I’m A Celebrity.” But rest assured I’ll be monitoring the show again on Monday so you don’t have to watch it. Read nightly recaps of the show here on The Bread Line and follow me on Twitter for live updates as each episode airs.