A lot of people have been piling on Elizabeth Edwards lately and I didn’t want to join in, but I must comment on something she said about her new book, Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life’s Adversities.

Edwards is the wife of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who publicly claimed to be Mr. Morality even though he carried on an extended affair with Rielle Hunter, with whom he may have fathered an illegitimate daughter. The book is not only about dealing with her husband’s infidelity — Elizabeth Edwards is battling cancer — but surely she knew that would be the main topic of interest as she barnstorms the media circuit for publicity. Yet she claims she didn’t write the book for revenge on her husband or Hunter; she says she wrote it for her children so they would know their parents aren’t flawless.

Excuse me? You needed to write a book to explain that to them? Eventually everyone learns their parents are flawed, and I don’t know of anyone who needed to read a book to figure that out. So I’m thinking Elizabeth Edwards DID write her book for revenge, public humiliation or whatever you want to call it, though that may not be the only reason.

I just hope Edwards has developed a thick enough skin to deal with all the public scrutiny she brought upon herself and her family by publishing the book.